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Adele, AU

If an energy healing is what you need then I can't recommend Kate highly enough. My session with Kate helped me so much. I left feeling 100 times lighter than when i walked in. Just amazing! And the space was so beautiful too. Thanks Kate.

Catherine, AU

"Kate has a extremely calming energy which instantly made me feel welcome. I felt very relaxed after our session and the busy thoughts in my mind had settled."

Ashley, UK

"Kate has an amazing energy and makes you feel really comfortable in the session. I’ve not had many reiki sessions before but my session with Kate was fantastic. She’s professional, empathetic and really knowledgeable in her practice."

Anna, UK

"I had been wanting to try reiki for a long time and I am so glad I went. Even after the first session I was already feeling much more grounded and at peace. By the last session I was able to really explore my mind and body and it truly was a unique experience. If your wanting to go and your hesitating, just give it a try...Kate, thanks again for being such an amazing practitioner it was a great experience and hopefully when I come to Aus I’ll be able to see you again!"

Ellen, UK

"My first experience of Reiki and it was fantastic! Kate at Reiki Rising made me feel instantly relaxed and at ease, she helped my identify areas of healing and explained these to me really clearly. I felt relaxed and well after every session. I would highly recommend!"

Michelle, UK

"My Reiki sessions with Kate were always so relaxing, I often have a stress blockage at my Solar Plexus...Kate cleared this away, which enabled better digestion and less sluggishness. Her approach was always so open-hearted and highly professional. She creates such a healing environment for her clients."

Monique, AU

"I had a long distance session with Kate and it was absolutely incredible. I could not recommend Kate enough for a reiki session!"

Cheyenne, AU

"Kate was so lovely and explained how the process was going to unfold in detail. Letting me know how to best prepare myself, set my intentions and allowed the experience to unfold organically."

Silvia, AU

"Kate has been super welcoming and explained in details what the session was about. I really enjoyed the session and felt more relaxed and in tune with myself afterwards. I can not recommend her highly enough."

Coral, UK

"Kate was absolutely amazing, very professional and accommodating.
I recieved distant reiki here from UK, and I felt Kate’s gentle energy very quickly. My experience was very relaxing, I felt totally held and safe. Thank you Kate."

Cristina, UK

"I spent a morning with Kate and it was amazing, she has an amazing energy and makes you feel comfortable during all the session. I felt super relaxed after the session and she helped me so much. Even after the session she checked on me, I highly recommend her!"

Sara, UK

10/10- Distance Reiki Healing. Kate has one of the most purest and calmest energies I have ever come across. We had a 15 minute consultation before the session started, going through what I was wanting to achieve from it. Kate was very calm and understanding, which allowed me to open up to her and feel more at ease...I felt so calm and grounded- one of the best experiences! Would definitely recommend a Reiki session with her!!

Sidonia, UK

"It was truly a privilege to work with Kate! She lovingly explained the process and was patient and checked in after the session several times. She is a gifted Reiki healer and an exceptional human being!"

Kristian, US

"This was my first time and I can't get over how this changed the way I felt. How the energy was sent and received. Blown away. Kate is doing amazing things! So grateful for her time and energy"

Gillian, UK

"Feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day after a distance Reiki session with Kate. I experienced stillness and feelings of peace after an emotional release related to my throat chakra. My energy levels are always better after a Reiki session with Kate, and I am more resilient to stress"

Beth, UK

"I just wanted to say a big thank you for the guided meditation. I had a job interview yesterday and often get really anxious and panicky but listening to the meditation really helped me feel grounded and calm (and the interview went well!)."

Brianna, AU

"Since the session I've found that I've regained more patience and calm again in work and just overall feeling lighter. I felt very safe in your presence."

Ellen, UK

"I absolutely loved the guided meditation session from Kate at Reiki Rising Wellness. I have always struggled with meditation and visualisation but with Kate's guidance, I felt completely relaxed and at ease. I felt my stress melt away and I will be defiitely reusing these meditation techniques!"

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