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Escape the Stress Cycle

Reiki for stress, fatigue & overwhelm

Nestled within the Australian Yoga Academy, part of their boutique Wellness Centre which includes Osteopathy, Massage, Physio and more.

Join me in my treatment on Clifton St, Prahran Melbourne where I curate an environment for optimal relaxation and destress. I am available in person every Thursday from 10am to 7:30pm.

You're meant to be here if...

"It was truly a privilege to work with Kate! She lovingly explained the process and was patient and checked in after the session several times. She is a gifted Reiki healer and an exceptional human being!"


What is Reiki?

Reiki is a traditional, gentle & non-invasive Energy Healing Technique that involves the Practitioner chanelling positive energy to the client (often referred to as Source, Qi, Universal Life Force Energy). This helps balance your energy and remove stress from your mind, body & soul.

I know what you're going through, because I've been there. I suffered from chronic stress, for years. 

The stress I was going through was the root cause of many conditions for me including anxiety, insomnia and asthma. But after finding Reiki as a stress-relief tool, I went from burnt out to stress-resilient.

Now, I use the very same technique that helped me, to empower other women going through the same struggles.


Treatment, release the stress built up in your body, slow the mind and clear your busy thoughts. This healing modality is extremely relaxing, and can be a powerful stress-relief tool. Come join me in my cosy treatment room in the heart of Prahran, Melbourne.

Things I love to help people with are; stress reduction, forgiveness and cord cutting. Each session is unqiue, and Reiki will always guide your session. I work strongly with intuition and will pull other healing tools with your permission, such as crystals, herbs and card readings. I also find guided meditation and affirmation practice helpful techniques when working on limiting beliefs.

By tapping into the powerful flow of source energy, Reiki treatments will help release any stagnant energy, balance your energy flow and promote overall well-being by bringing you back to alignment.

Hi, I'm Kate



"If an energy healing is what you need then I can't recommend Kate highly enough. My session with Kate helped me so much. I left feeling 100 times lighter than when i walked in. Just amazing! And the space was so beautiful too. Thanks Kate."


""I had been wanting to try Reiki for a long time and I am so glad I went. Even after the first session I was already feeling much more grounded and at peace. By the last session I was able to really explore my mind and body and it truly was a unique experience. If your wanting to go and your hesitating, just give it a try...Kate, thanks again for being such an amazing practitioner it was a great experience"


"My Reiki sessions with Kate were always so relaxing, I often have a stress blockage at my Solar Plexus...Kate cleared this away, which enabled better digestion and less sluggishness. Her approach was always so open-hearted and highly professional. She creates such a healing environment for her clients."

How Reiki can help you beat burnout:

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