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Escape the Stress Cycle

Reiki for stress, fatigue & overwhelm

You're meant to be here if...

"Reiki works like Wi-Fi or Radio Frequency"

"It was truly a privilege to work with Kate! She lovingly explained the process and was patient and checked in after the session several times. She is a gifted Reiki healer and an exceptional human being!"

Sidonia, London UK

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a traditional, gentle & non-invasive Energy Healing Technique that involves the Practitioner chanelling positive energy to the client (often referred to as Source, Qi, Universal Life Force Energy) it is not necessary for you and your Practitioner to be together in person for this to happen.

Reiki helps balance your energy and remove stress from your mind, body & soul.


Hi, I'm Kate

I'm a certified Reiki Practitioner & Health Coach.

I know what you're going through, because I've been there. I suffered from chronic stress, for years. 


The stress I was going through was the root cause of many conditions for me including anxiety, insomnia and asthma. But after finding Reiki as a stress-relief tool, I went from burnt out to stress-resilient.

Now, I use the very same Reiki techniques that helped me, to empower other women going through the same struggles.

I tune into your energy, and visualise the session through a focussed mind.

Letting go of ego, and allowing Reiki to simply flow is my core method for distance Reiki. it can provide the exact same powerful results as 1:1.

I will connect with you virtually, and we will start with talking through your intentions and anything you are facing in life at that moment. There is space for questions, and the session is totally led by you and what you need.


Gillian,  UK

"Feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day after a distance Reiki session with Kate. I experienced stillness and feelings of peace after an emotional release related to my throat chakra. My energy levels are always better after a Reiki session with Kate, and I am more resilient to stress"

Monique, AU

It was THE most insane long distance Reiki session!
I have had Reiki done before but only in person. I'd also never met Kate and she is based on the other side of the country so I wasn't really sure if I'd feel or experience anything like I had in past sessions.
WELL. It was more potent than any in person session I have ever had, I could literally feel Kate working on my auric field/body like she was in the room right there with me. At one stage I actually had to take off my eye mask...This is just proof of how connected/experienced/powerful her Reiki healing is...

Kristian, US

"This was my first time and I can't get over how this changed the way I felt. How the energy was sent and received. Blown away. Kate is doing amazing things! So grateful for her time and energy"

How Distance Reiki can help you beat burnout:

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