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Stress Reduction
Reiki Energy Healing Program

A 6 Session Treatment Plan to help you release tension, past trauma, and find long lasting strategies to beat the stress cycle

Stage 1 
Releasing tension from the body, and emotions tied to the past
Discovering your bio-individuality

Stage 2 
Identifying your stressors
Trialling stress management strategies

Stage 3 
Discovering your values for
long-term healing & stress management

Needing some support?

I get it, I've been in that situation where you're in a constant cycling of putting out fires, working on empty everyday. But for me, Reiki has been an extremely powerful stress-relief tool. It not only is deeply relaxing, but it also can support your wellbeing holistically, identifying triggers or issues still causing you problems that you are not consciously aware of. With internationally accredited training in Reiki and Health Coaching, I help women find forgiveness, overcome stress and empower them to create boundaries.

With this stress reduction healing program, we are laying the foundations for you to walk out of working together with tangible solutions to not only your current stressors, but also any future challenges you may face.

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