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Hi lovely human, you’re meant to be here if the following applies to you:​​

  • You are in a high stress job with lots of pressure

  • You’re tired all the time, even after a good nights sleep, maybe sometimes feel like what's the point and have no enthusiasm for work or your social life

  • You barely function after work, so you find yourself binging Netflix on the sofa with a glass... or more of wine

But... you want to feel more balance in your life, in fact you need it!

Well.. you are in the right place. Let's put in actionable steps, like setting boundaries and learning proven strategies to BEAT burnout.


Sure, this all sounds good, but you're not sure how to implement this? Don't worry, I've got you.

I get you, I see you... because I've been there

For years, I struggled with burnout, experiencing symptoms like:

  • chronic migraines

  • low immune system

  • fatigue

  • severe asthma

  • anxiety

  • feelings of hopelessness

When I found Reiki, EVERYTHING changed. As Reiki helped remove the stress from my body, my symptoms started to disappear and I started to find joy in life again.


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What if you could identify stressors, address them, and become stress resilient?


That's where Reiki & Coaching comes in. 


Reiki and Coaching hasn't just helped me, it's helped many women like you overcome stress and start to heal.

Hi, I'm Kate

I am a Reiki Practitioner & Holistic Health Coach who helps women stop feeling drained and overwhelmed by stress. By integrating Coaching and Reiki Therapy, you can discover what filling your cup means for you.


Now with the certified training and education behind me, I bring my own personal experience with breaking the cycle, the deeply relaxing Reiki techniques I have honed, and a client led approach so each session is all about you and your journey.


Want to know more about my story and how I can help?

Designed to help you find relaxation and reconnect with your inner-self. Balance your chakras and discover a sacred space to connect with your energetic body.


My Reiki sessions with Kate were always so relaxing, I often have a stress blockage at my Solar Plexus... Kate cleared this away, which enabled better digestion and less sluggishness. Her approach was always so open-hearted and highly professional. She creates such a healing environment for all her clients. A real talent.


I had Reiki from Kate for 5 treatments and it really was amazing.
I had been wanting to try Reiki for a long time and I am so glad I went. Even after the first session I was already feeling much more grounded and at peace. By the last session I was able to really explore my mind and body and it truly was a unique experience.
If your wanting to go and your hesitating, just give it a try. It really is an interesting experience to go through!


My first experience of Reiki and it was fantastic! Kate at Reiki Rising made me feel instantly relaxed and at ease, she helped my identify areas of healing and explained these to me really clearly. I felt relaxed and well after every session. I would highly recommend!



In-Person Reiki Session

Experience a 1:1 Reiki Treatment with me, release the stress built up in your body, slow the mind and clear your busy thoughts. This healing modality is extremely relaxing, and can be a powerful stress-relief tool. Come join me in my cosy treatment room in the heart of Prahran, Melbourne.

Things I love to help people with are stress reduction, forgiveness and cord cutting. Each session is unqiue, and Reiki will always guide your session. I work strongly with my intuition and will pull other healing tools with your permission, such as crystals, herbs and card readings. I also find guided meditation and affirmation practice helpful techniques when working on limiting beliefs.

By tapping into the powerful flow of source energy, Reiki treatments will help release any stagnant energy, reduce stress and promote overall well-being by bringing you back to alignment.

Online Reiki Session

Discover the convenience and effectiveness of remote Reiki sessions, designed to bring calm and relaxation to your life, no matter where you are. I will connect with you virtually, preferably via video call (but this is to your preference) , and we will start with talking through your intentions and anything you are facing in life at that moment.

I like to describe how Distance Reiki works just like Wi-Fi or Radio Frequencies do - I tune into your energy, and visualise the session through a focussed mind. Letting go of ego, and allowing Reiki to simply flow is my core method for distance Reiki. it can release provide the same powerful results as 1:1 Reiki without the need for in-person contact. Embrace the restorative power of distance healing, and feel relaxed in your own home environment - distance Reiki with herbal tea, sound healing frequencies and your favourite candles are a perfect recipe for a self care day.

Book your remote Reiki session today and experience the transformative benefits of this energy therapy, wherever you may be.

Quote from Mikao Usui - Original Reiki Master

"Reiki is love, Love is wholeness, Wholeness is balance, Balance is wellbeing, Wellbeing is freedom from disease"

Dr. Mikao Usui

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